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You can sign up here for the SCPL Summer Library Program!  Click the "Register" button below! Your whole family can share one log in, just add each person as a reader! 

Welcome to South Charleston Public Library's online Summer Library Program!

While many community activities and events are cancelled due to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, the South Charleston Public Library team is bringing readers of all ages the library’s first ONLINE Summer Library Program.  This year’s theme is “Imagine Your Story,” and the library’s many books and online resources are filled with stories to fuel one’s imagination.

Who may participate?

SCPL programs are designed to meet the interests of readers of all ages. Readers from anywhere may register to read with SCPL. Our programs include:

Early Literacy/Preschool Programs (birth to 5 years)

These programs are designed to focus on six early literacy skills children must develop in order to increase the likelihood of reading success: print motivation (loving books and print materials); phonological awareness (understanding that words are composed of smaller sounds); vocabulary (words); narrative skills (ability to tell a story); print awareness (knowing that, in English, we read left to right and top to bottom); and letter knowledge (knowing that words are comprised of letters).  Activities include reading, talking, playing, writing, and singing.  We encourage interactions so preschoolers establish and maintain a love of stories, and incorporate activities to translate ideas into active learning and continued advancement of fine motor skills.

School Age Programs (Grades K - 5)

While continuing to emphasize literacy skills, these programs provide hands-on exploration to allow personal connections with abstract materials (books and story concepts) and present opportunities to play with story themes.  Activities in these sessions include listening to and discussing stories, creating  storyboards, playing games, making crafts, and designing projects.

Teen Programs (Grades 6 - 12)

These programs create learning experiences in an environment offering mentored independence, while allowing the exploration of new ideas and the opportunity to build positive relationships with peers.  Activities are less structured, yet more advanced, and the participating readers contribute significantly to the direction and success of the program.

Adult Programs (18 years +)

The Summer Library Program for adults allows readers to read at any pace and place. Register online, and simply log books read, audiobooks listened to, and even books read with young readers.

For Youth Services SLP FAQs (click here).

For Adult SLP FAQs (click here).

For a video about the online program (click here).